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Posts of the minutes of KCAG meetings.

2010-2016 Meeting Minutes

This post collects links to ZIP files containing business meeting minutes from 2010 through 2016.  Each year is a single ZIP file containing PDF files of the approved minutes.

To use these files, download the ZIP and the expand to a temporary directory.  Each ZIP will create a directory for the year which will contain the files.

The files for 2016 may look a bit odd with blank pages at the end.  I had to strip a bunch of cave map images from those files in order to get them down to read more

2021 Business Meeting Minutes

2017 Meeting Minutes

2020 Meeting Minutes

This post collects links to minutes for KCAG business meetings held in 2020. Note that the March meeting was cancelled due to coronavirus concerns. We do not have regular business meetings in June and December.

2020_01_21KCAGBusinessMeetingMinutesDownload 2020_02_18KCAGBusinessMeetingMinutesDownload 2020_04_21KCAGBusinessMeetingMinutesDownload 2020_05_19KCAGBusinessMeetingMinutes-Ver2Download 2020_07_21KCAGBusinessMeetingMinutesDownload 2020_08_13KCAGBusinessMeetingMinutesDownload

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2018 Meeting Minutes

2019 Meeting Minutes