Caving Basics

This page has links to information about the basics of caving.  There are videos from YouTube and publications from the National Speleological Society.  The target audience is people who have never been caving or have only been to commercial caves.

Derek Bristol created a series of four videos that go over why people cave, the basic gear and project caving.

 Part 1 – An Overview

Part 2 – Introduction to Caves

Part 3 – Your First Caving Trip

Part 4 – Project Caving

The National Speleological Society has several brochures that can be downloaded from their web site.  A Guide To Responsible Caving is intended for people who are new to caves.  Several other good documents are at the index to brochures page.

Survey and map making are one of the more common cave projects. The YouTube inks below give an overview of how cave survey is done.

Overview of cave survey – 6:00

Lead Tape (or Point) – 4:40

Instrument – 6:43

The sketcher – 35:00

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