Quartermaster Gear

Quartermaster – Loaner gear


Kansas City Area Grotto has an inventory of caving and camping equipment which is available for use by our members. The equipment is maintained by our quartermaster, Seth Colston.

If you want to borrow something, contact Seth by email at mailto:president@kcgrotto.org He will verify availability, then add you to the reservations and make arrangements for pickup.

You are responsible for cleaning the gear before returning it or passing it to the next person.

KCAG does not provide batteries for the lights on our loaner helmets. The lights are Princeton Tec “Apex”. They require four AA batteries. One set of batteries will run them between 5 and 15 hours, depending on the brightness settings that are used. Each person using a loaner helmet and light should bring their own batteries. We strongly suggest everyone bring two sets of batteries so they have a backup, just in case.

The Quartermaster inventory is on Google Docs. The link is https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1m_ytGEKlryKcu3CnAIGE1Cwc3Suuxxphvot8BQsAxAs/edit?usp=sharing

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