Upcoming Trips and Events

This page will be updated on a regular basis. It is the latest list of upcoming trips and events that KCAG is involved in.

June 2021

The trips and events in this list are open to all cavers, at the discretion of the trip leader. Please forward to your grottos and anyone else who might be interested.

Meetup – I encourage everyone to get on board, participate, mention your trips and sign up for trips on our meetup page.


COVID-19 update: Check with the trip leader before you set out to attend any of these events. Many of the “stay at home” restrictions have been lifted. Restrictions or not, please make your own decision regarding your health. The caves are not going anywhere.

As of February 2021, the incidence of COVID-19 is falling but still very high. As a result most caving trips are now invitation-only. They will not be advertised here.

2021 June 12 – Survey day at Stark Caverns. It has been a year since the last survey day. Contact bgee@campercaver.net. Most survey in Stark from now on will require cavers who can get into tight spots. The easy stuff is pretty much done.

Overnight camping at Mule Shoe Conservation area which is just 15 minutes drive from Geronimo Spring Cave.

2021 June 13 – Survey at Geronimo Spring Cave. The entrance to this cave is a water crawl 10 to 15 feet wide and about a foot high, for 120 feet. Small people only! Contact Seth Colston swcy92@gmail.com.

2021 July 10 – Carroll Cave. Data logger service trip. Contact bgee@campercaver.net. Fairly easy trip, suitable for newbies to Carroll Cave.

2021 July 11 – Carroll Cave. Biology and rescue cache service trip to Upper Thunder River. Tough trip, not for newbies. Contact bgee@campercaver.net. As of April 2021 this trip is fully subscribed.

2021 July 26 to 30 – NSS National Convention in Weed California. This will be a VIRTUAL convention! http://nss2021.caves.org/

2021 July 23 to 29 – 18th International Congress of Spelology in Lyon, France. http://uis2021.speleos.fr/

2021 July 24 and 25 – Survey at Robber’s Cave. This cave requires swimming in Lake of the Ozarks to reach. Contact Jim Cooley coolstoy@kc.rr.com for more information.

2021 July either 24 or 31 – Annual members meeting of Carroll Cave Conservancy. Place and time are not yet determined. This will probably be a Zoom virtual meeting.

2021 August 4 through 8 – TAG trip. Lots of vertical caving! Contact bgee@campercaver.net or swcy92@gmail.com. We will drive on Wednesday, go caving Thu-Fri-Sat and return on Sunday. Not sure yet where we will camp.

2021 Fall MVOR – To be determined.

2021 October. Date not yet determined. Cave gating project in western Camden County, Missouri. Contact Jim Cooley for more information.

2021 October 30 – Carroll Cave. Annual bat census trip to the Mountain Room. Tough trip, wetsuit required. Contact bgee@campercaver.net.

2022 January 8 – Carroll Cave. Data logger service trip. Contact bgee@campercaver.net.

2022 – NSS National Convention in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Probably June or July – I could not find exact dates. The web site is not up yet.

2023 – NSS National Convention in Elkton, West Virginia. This is a retry from the canceled/online 2020 event. Dates are not yet determined.

Merry and Happy Caving,

Bill Gee
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