Upcoming Trips and Events

This page will be updated on a regular basis. It is the latest list of upcoming trips and events that KCAG is involved in.

January 2022

The trips and events in this list are open to all cavers at the discretion of the trip leader, and unless otherwise noted. Please forward to your grottos and anyone else who might be interested.

Meetup – I encourage everyone to get on board, participate, mention your trips and sign up for trips on our meetup page.


COVID-19 update: Check with the trip leader before you set out to attend any of these events.  Restrictions or not, please make your own decision regarding your health. The caves are not going anywhere.

2022 January 15 – Carroll Cave photo trip.  Lunch Room and the Turnpike.  Contact Kristen Godfrey vogel_kris@yahoo.com

2022 January 22 – Carroll Cave. Data logger service trip. Contact bgee@campercaver.net.  This trip is a reschedule from 15 January.

2022 January 22 – Novice trip to Kieswetter Cave.  Contact Kristen Godfrey vogel_kris@yahoo.com.

2022 February 26- Survey trip at Stark Caverns.  Small people needed.  Contact bgee@campercaver.net.

2022 March 19 – Carroll Cave.  Service the Anabat Roost Logger in the Mountain Room.  Change batteries and memory card.  Contact Bill Gee bgee@campercaver.net

2022 March 30-April 10. Cave gating project in western Camden County, Missouri. Contact Jim Cooley coolstoi@kc.rr.com for more information.

2022 April – MVOR.  Date and place are not yet set.

2022 June 13 -17 – NSS National Convention in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Central States Fairground in Rapid City, South Dakota.  Go to NSS 2022 Convention Website for more information.

2022 July 24-31 –  18th International Congress of Speleology in Savoie Mont-Blanc, France. http://uis2021.speleos.fr/

2022 October 15 – Bridge Day in West Virginia.  https://officialbridgeday.com/

2023 – NSS National Convention in Elkins, West Virginia. This is a retry from the canceled/online 2020 event. Dates are not yet determined.

Merry and Happy Caving,

Bill Gee
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