Trips & Events

We maintain a list of upcoming trips and events at a dedicated page.  You can also get there by going to the Upcoming Trips And Events link on the left-side menu. 

Some grotto cave trips are by invitation only, but most trips and events are open to members and non-members alike. Attendance is always contingent on approval by the trip leader. The grotto has a limited amount of caving gear for loan to novice cavers. Our business meetings and pizza & beer gatherings afterward are always open to the public. They are the best way to meet members and get involved with the grotto. If you are interested in attending a trip or event, contact the trip leader listed in the calendar item details. Do NOT show up for cave trips unannounced; this will generally not be received well.

For more information on getting started with caving see the members page.

Trip Safety & Protocol

All KCAG lead trips follow established protocol for safe and responsible caving, including WNS decontamination. For more information read the NSS safety & techniques guide and white nose syndrome information.

Trip Planners

Do you have a trip or event to add to the calendar? Most people do not have write access.  Please contact the grotto to request permission.


A non-profit, volunteer organization dedicated to the discovery, exploration, and conservation of caves and karst in the midwestern United States.