KCAG Membership

New members can be nominated into the grotto after having attended three cave trips with existing grotto members. Once accepted as a member, annual dues of $15.00 per person or $22.50 per household are collected. Those interested in membership should attend a meeting and begin going on cave trips appropriate for their skill level.

Individual members can pay their dues online:

Families can also pay dues online:


Grotto Officers

  • President: Seth Colston
  • Vice President: Jim Cooley
  • Treasurer: Bill Gee
  • Secretary: Matthew Hernandez
  • Quartermaster – Nathan Taylor
  • Novice Trips – Kristen Godfrey

Grotto Equipment

KCAG offers its members access to caving gear. A complete list is on the Quartermaster’s page.

  • Cave Survey gear
  • Hi-Def Video Projector
  • Medical Caches (a.k.a Bash Kits)
  • Novice helmets and lights (not for personal use)
  • Lysol IC for WNS Decontamination ($0.50 per fluid ounce charge)
  • and much more

To reserve equipment check the calendar for availability, then contact a grotto officer.


A non-profit, volunteer organization dedicated to the discovery, exploration, and conservation of caves and karst in the midwestern United States.