20 May 2023 KCAG Vertical Workshop Information

KCAG is hosting a vertical workshop.  This is an opportunity for you to practice rope access skills in a relatively safe environment.  This post has important information about the event.

DATE: Saturday 20 May 2023.  TIME: Most of the day

RAIN Date: To be determined.

Place: Mule Shoe Conservation Area.

Several people have volunteered to assist.  Thank you!  More would be welcome.  As with all events like this, you learn as much from helping others as by doing it yourself.

Camping is available.  There is no charge for camping.   The only facility is a vault toilet.  There is no water.  Ground fires are not allowed except in one fire ring which we may not have access to.  The camping area is several acres of mostly flat ground surrounded by trees.

A liability waiver is required.  You can get a PDF of the waiver here.  Fill it out and email to bgee@campercaver.net, or print and bring to the event with you.  Every person must fill one out.

Bring whatever vertical gear you have.  I have some loaner seat harnesses.  Helmets are required at both bluff and rope tree.  If you have rope, bring it.  The bluffs are between 30 and 70 feet high, so 150 foot lengths of rope should be adequate.  Extra carabiners are always useful, as is webbing. 

Rope pads will be needed.  If you have some old denim jeans, cut the legs off to use as rope pads.

Be sure to mark all your gear so it can get back to you.

We will have at least one rope tree and hopefully several.  A rope tree is ideal for learning how a rope climbing system works.  Rope climbing systems require adjustment to fit the user.  This is much easier to do on a tree than a cliff.

The bluff line where the rappels will happen is about a mile drive from the campground, and then about 15 minutes of hiking.  The trail is wide and flat.  At the end is a hundred yards of bushwhacking to the bluff line.

Be prepared for insects, especially ticks.  Bring water, lunch and snacks as appropriate.

The bluff line we will use for rappel has a few small caves in it.  Some of them can only be reached by rope, and even then could be difficult.  If you are so inclined, there is opportunity for cave survey.

If you have some FRS radios, bring them.  They are useful for communicating between top and bottom.

Questions?  Let me know!

Bill Gee


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