Cave Light Comparison Testing Presentation and Data Files

At the regular grotto meeting of 16 March 2021 I gave a presentation comparing various kinds of cave lights. This post has links to the presentation file and to the data files that I collected.

The data files are plain text, comma-separated values. They can be imported to any spreadsheet or graphing program. I used to create the graphs in the slide show.

The first column in the data files is elapsed time in seconds. The second column is the brightness in lux.

The file names mention the light that was tested, the battery that was used and the brightness setting.

If you have questions about any of this, let me know.

Bill Gee

3 thoughts on “Cave Light Comparison Testing Presentation and Data Files”

  1. I don’t see the slide deck file for the cave light comparison anywhere on the site.

  2. Oops – That was my mistake. The link in the post had the wrong title. It actually led to the cave light comparison slide deck, but the title said it was for battery comparison.

    I have changed the title.

    There is another issue that I need to get resolved. For space reasons the slide decks are stored on the old KCAG web site. However, that web site is now set to forward all requests to the new site. File requests are also getting forwarded. I will work with the admin of the old site to see if we can find a way to fix that.

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