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Battery Comparison Presentation and Data Files

At the regular grotto meeting of 16 February 2021 I gave a presentation comparing the capacity of various kinds of batteries. This post has links to the presentation file and to the data files that I collected.

The data files are plain text, comma-separated values. They can be imported to any spreadsheet or graphing program. I used to create the graphs in the slide show.

The first column in the data files is elapsed time in seconds. The remaining columns should be clearly read more

2021 Business Meeting Minutes

1 November 2020 Trip Report Geronimo Cave Survey


Seth Colston (Leader) – KCAG
Bill Gee – KCAG
Becky Nelson – KCAG

This was the first recorded trip to Geronimo Cave near Macks Creek, MO since Bill Gee visited the cave about 12 years ago. I will be leading the survey efforts along with others in the Kansas City Area Grotto.

All three of us met at 6:30am in Grandview, MO. Bill led the convoy while strictly following the speed limit. Becky and I followed behind. We stopped shortly in Warsaw, and arrived at Husong’s property read more

2017 Meeting Minutes

2020 Meeting Minutes

This post collects links to minutes for KCAG business meetings held in 2020. Note that the March meeting was cancelled due to coronavirus concerns. We do not have regular business meetings in June and December.

2020_01_21KCAGBusinessMeetingMinutesDownload 2020_02_18KCAGBusinessMeetingMinutesDownload 2020_04_21KCAGBusinessMeetingMinutesDownload 2020_05_19KCAGBusinessMeetingMinutes-Ver2Download 2020_07_21KCAGBusinessMeetingMinutesDownload 2020_08_13KCAGBusinessMeetingMinutesDownload

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Virginia “Pic” Walenta

A remembrance by Shawn Williams.

It’s January 23rd, 2020 and we’re all struggling with the words this morning…

It’s going to be very difficult moving on without her spirit. The grief is as difficult as her light was bright.
This earth has lost a soul whose light, love and laughter radiated to touch so many. Her hats were many! Adventurer, Trail Builder, Campfire Aficionado, Dancer, Camp Chef, Cave Explorer and Restorer, Float Tripper, Wine Connoisseur, Cheer Leader, Trip Leader, read more

2018 Meeting Minutes

2019 Meeting Minutes